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PBC Medicals offers a range of high-quality, reliable Covid-19 test kit.

There are some tests that require nasal specimen which is collected using an anterior nasal swab or a nasal mid-turbinate swab. Other tests may require a saliva specimen collected from the mouth.

To collect a sample first, wash your hands properly with soap, and sanitize the surface where you have to keep the kit. Then, collect the sample using the instructions listed on the box. For reliable results, it is important to collect the sample correctly.

There are kits that allow the user to complete the test at home only. And you can also send the sample to testing laboratory.

Discard the sample and the other components from the kit. Sanitize the surface and your hands again.

In case your result comes positive, contact your doctor.

If your test comes negative, it means the COVID-19 virus was not found in your sample. If your symptoms, it is advisable to isolate yourself for a few days and repeat the test, if symptoms persist you can purchase our Covid-19 test kit and check at your home or you may also contact a healthcare worker or diagnostic lab for a retest.

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Rapid Antigen Test Kits
Rapid Antigen Test Kits
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Antibody Test Kits

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