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Homecare bed by PBC Medicals
Homecare Bed

These Homecare Bed is designed to make your loved one feel cared for, while fitting in beautifully with your interiors.

Technology that calms

The back rest and leg rest can be electronically adjusted with the hand control device, facilitating ease of movement and alternate sitting and lying postures.

Looks that please

The elegant aesthetics of the bed minimise the ‘hospital feel’ and blend in seamlessly with contemporary and classic home decor. Made from PLT (engineered wood) panels, the headboard, legboard and side panels are available in two warm, natural wood shades. The anodized aluminium finish on the side rails enhances the premium feel. Enclosed box design keeps the under structure out of view, to avoid misuse and accidents

Considering the varying levels of patient mobility, Grace Homecare Bed has been designed to deliver utmost safety and stability in all positions. The key safety features include full length side railings, ergonomic design and provision of DVT position.

Grace Homecare Bed offers the DVT position, wherein, leg rest is raised and back rest is in flat position resulting in elevation of legs which aids in better blood circulation, preventing clots and swelling. About Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): This is a medical condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a deep vein, usually in a leg due to prolonged bed rest or immobility.

Grace Homecare Bed is a feature-loaded bed, designed to make homecare safe and convenient for the patient and caregiver.

  • The full split length side railings keep the patient safe during caregiver interactions and allow for uninterrupted and peaceful periods of rest.
  • The bed height at 450 cm with mattress ensures comfort and safety during egress and mounting the bed. This height also makes it convenient for the caregiver to assist the resident at all times.
  • Further, ergonomic design of parts keeps the resident and caregiver safe from entrapments, irrespective of bed position


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