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Lab Furniture

We offer Godrej Interio’s Covalent Lab furniture and accessories. There is a sturdy, rugged and easy to use Laboratory table, constructed using only prime quality CRGA steel. It features a two-piece shutter construction with sound deadening material for quiet operation and rigidity. Smooth movement of the drawers is ensured by precise double extension ball slides. A special inbuilt Poly propylene drop-in sink, stainless steel sink, ceramic sink, which are highly resistant to acids, solvents and salts. Also available – cup sink in polypropylene. Fusion Series Lab furniture is available with optional SS and flush plastic handles, anti-rebound mechanism prevents drawers from reopening after closed. Shutters and drawer front are flush with the cabinet.


To ease the rigours of working personnel, we offer ergonomic, task intensive chairs and revolving stools for any Iab environment. We have a wide range of sturdy, long lasting laboratory chairs and revolving stools for a comfortable working experience.


These lab tables are effective for isolation of precision equipment from floor generated vibrations by environmental means. Used for applications where instrument usage and accuracy of readings are affected by vibrations like for weight balances, galvanometer and more.


Robust Air fume hoods, as the name suggest, are robustly designed to contain adequately as per stringent EN 14175 Part 3 besides conforming to ASHRAE 11O, offering unmatched safety to fume hood users. It also gives substantial energy savings to the facility owner thereby increasing the overall GREEN QUOTIENT of the laboratory installation greatly.

Robust Air fume hoods have passed the Pressure Drop test, Sash suspension test, Sash displacement test, Protection against splashes, Sash stop & Alarm test and Illuminance test.

We are the best supplier of Lab furniture in East, Central, and Western Africa, Middle-East, South-East Asian countries including the UAE, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

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