Emergency Medicine Crash Cart

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Medicine Crash Cart and Emergency Crash Cart by PBC Medicals
Emergency Crash Cart and Medicine Crash Cart

Emergency Crash Cart and Medicine Crash Cart are designed to help create organised storage systems for key emergency first aid medicines supplies. The ergonomic design, easy manoeuvrability, effective locking system and smooth drawer movements ensure safe and quick access to tools and supplies. The trolleys can help your nurses minimize confusion and save critical minutes when it comes to emergencies on your hospital floors. If you are looking to help your staff deliver a better patient experience, Agilo Emergency and Medicine Carts are just the mobile storage systems you need.

This is a feature-loaded crash cart, that puts all Emergency Resuscitation Life Support Equipment on wheels and within easy reach. Agilo Emergency Crash Cart is loaded with features such as 360 degrees swivelling defibrillator tray, CPR board, writing pad, catheter holder & oxygen cylinder case.

This thoughtfully designed cart offers agility and speed, enabling the caregivers to focus on patients without having to run around or search for key supplies. It has all the facilities required to meet the medical protocol named Code Blue. For easy identification, Agilo Emergency Crash Cart has a vibrant red powder-coated front, making it easy to spot from a distance in the busy hospital environment.

Ensuring caregivers get more patient time means helping them get better organised and well-stocked on medicines and other patient-related supplies – no matter which department they are in. The Agilo Medicine Cart with its front open type of drawer construction, interchangeable medicine bins and acrylic drawer separators offers efficient storage management and flexibility.

It offers ample space on the preparation tray and in the drawers, transparency for easy access, and label and drawer separators to help minimize human errors and repetitive tasks. Peripheral accessories like document holder, utility tray, needle dispenser, waste bin and sliding writing pad ensure necessary items are readily accessible – making this cart a one-stop storage solution.

Safe And Flexible

Agilo mobile Medical Trolley are designed for easy movement around the hospital floors and have in-built safety features to minimise accidents and mishaps during stressful situations.

Anti-tilt mechanism: The Agilo mobile Medical Trolleys are equipped with locking systems that allow only one drawer to be opened at a time. This in-built anti-tilt mechanism ensures safety for your staff and equipment on the hospital floor, by preventing the toppling of the cart.

Flexible configurations: As per the customer’s requirement, the cart can be set to the left or right configurations, allowing greater freedom for the attendant to configure as per hospital infrastructural needs. Designed for easy maintenance: The cart with inorganic surfaces ensures high standards of safety and is easy to disinfect at regular intervals.

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