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ClickZip Syringe by PBC Medicals

ClickZip Syringe with Retractable Safety Needle

It is an innovative technology, high quality with needle retraction to prevent reuse and a tilted needle innovation to prevent the needle from being pushed out of the barrel. The design is exactly like a traditional syringe with the added benefit of a locking mechanism and a tilted needle innovation to prevent reuse and needle stick injury. No special techniques are required to use the safety mechanism. Clickzip syringe allows clear visualization of the injection site at all times. The mechanism clearly shows the needle is contained within the syringe barrel. After standard techniques for injection, the plunger is withdrawn, snapped off and used syringe is discarded into a sharp’s container per regulatory provision.

The Clickzip syringe meets International Standard for Medical Devices and OSHA recommendations for needlestick safety devices. No leakage and minimal Dead Space.

Features: Benefits of ClickZip Syringe

  • Highest quality Japanese design: Stainless steel cannulas Sharp needle to reduce pain for patient.
  • Latex free: Eliminates latex sensitivities.
  • No leakage: Avoids contamination.
  • No gap-minimal dead space: Reduced viral survival.
  • Active-retractable needle technology –manual retraction: Increased user control, reduce needle exposure, Increase users control and safety.
  • No change to injection technique: No or minimal training required – simple to use.
  • When retracted after use, the needle tilts to one side into the syringe barrel: Encapsulating the needle in the barrel of the syringe increases safety, reduces risk of needle stick injury, prevents reuse of needle and reduces need for sharps container.
  • The barrel incorporates the needle back: stopper prevents the syringe disassembling.
  • The safety feature is an integral part of the Clickzip syringe: No need to ‘add-on’ safety features, no additional operation required and user-friendly technology.
  • The user can hear and feel when the locking mechanism is activated: The user knows when injection has been successfully delivered, increasing the user’s confidence. Meets NIOSH recommendation for needlestick devices.
  • After needle retraction, the plunger is snapped of encapsulating the used needle: Safe disposal after use and further prevention of reuse or needlestick injury. Break away plunger prevents reuse.
  • Full compliance with ISO quality system for Manufacturing: Meets international standards for medical devices.
  • Low manufacturing cost: Cost competitive verses other safety engineered medical devices.
  • ClickZip™ technology flexibility: Compatibility with various medical devices for drawing and injecting medicines and drugs.