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Suction Liner by PBC Medicals

Suction liners are fluid management products which help in safe and efficient disposal of liquid medical waste. PBC Medicals offers a full range of suction systems which are economic, easy-to-use, and reliable.

Key Features of Suction liner:
  1. Highly flexible and transparent suction liner bag.
    • Super durability.
    • Product would not damage even under toughest transport conditions or application.
    • Less transport cost.
    • Approximately 50% less box dimension compared to the same quantity of traditional liners.
    • Less storage cost.
    • Less environmental waste.
    • Economic.
  2. Centralized and ergonomic removal handles.
    • Easy suction liner removal with one hand.
  3. No additional vacuum connection is required.
  4. Wide measuring scale for easy reading.
  5. Canister with canister scale accuracy: +/- 100ml. Built-in brackets of canisters provides easy mounting on walls; rail supports and trolleys.
  6. Different suction tube options are available.
  7. Canister design according to ISO 19054:2005 FDA registered.
  8. CE marked.
  9. Latex free.

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