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Shampoo cap by PBC Medicals

MED-COVER Shampoo Cap

The MED-COVER Shampoo Cap cleanses the hair from dirt, provides a pleasant smell, softens and nourishes the scalp, and cares for the hair. It removes dead cells from the skin with Allantoin in its content.

In the hair cleaning process performed by traditional means, disturbing factors such as dirt and oil on the hair and scalp are removed using foam. MED-COVER Shampoo Cap non-woven fabric with high absorbency in its product ensures this task.

The product, which is designed in the form of a cap, is made of a special waterproof fabric. Its special latex-free rubber can be attached to the head and grasp the hair completely. Since it does not contain latex, it does not cause skin irritation. Thanks to the special composition in the inner layer, daily hair cleansing and care can be done with an enriched solution that is infused with a nonwoven fabric with high absorbency. It does not require rinsing and drying afterwards. It prevents liquid contact with the outer surface thanks to its liquid-proof outer layer.

All you have to do is:

  • Open the package,
  • Put the shampoo cap on the head so that it covers all the hair
  • Massage in the form of a fraction for 3 minutes.

Please feel free to contact PBC Medicals for any further information regarding the Shampoo Cap. We could be happy to assist you. You can also email us directly at [email protected].

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