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An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps people inhale adequate oxygen when you are facing difficulty in breathing due to medical conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, COPD, flu, or Covid-19.

This concentrator pulls in the air from the surroundings and filters out the nitrogen. It provides purified oxygen through a face mask or open prongs, attached to the device.

Oxygen concentrators are available in different capacities, depending upon the amount of oxygen (in liters) they can provide per minute.

Tips to use an oxygen concentrator:

  1. If you are facing dryness in the nose, attach a humidifier to your oxygen concentrator.
  2. You can extend the tube that runs from the machine to your nose by up to 50 feet with a hose attachment. This allows you movement even when you are on oxygen therapy.
  3. Wash your face mask and tube once a week with warm water and mild soap. If the patient is very sick, you must clean it frequently.
  4. Clean your humidifier bottle every 3 days with warm water and mild soap. Don’t forget to dry it before using again.

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